Nieuwe online-cursus PRI vanaf 1 september

Thursday September 1, the first English edition of our online course will start.

We -Renata Traas en Gitta van Haagen- developed the course together with the Charter for Compassion Educational Institute (CEI).

The course has a beautiful title: Past Reality Integration (PRI): the Art of Living and Teaching from our Heart in Love and Compassion In this course, you will discover how to connect with yourself, your pupils, students, colleagues and other fellow human beings.

In three concrete steps you will learn how to achieve this. And as a result you will be able to live and work more and more compassionately. We are delighted and proud to have this opportunity to add a little bit to a better, more peaceful and compassionate world with help of PRI!

In the link below you will find a description of the course, the pricing, the dates of the webinars and the possibility to enrol. You can enrol until September 8.
On that day the first webinar will take place.