Oproep aan de VS om bij te dragen aan oplossing van de crisis in Jemen

De crisis in Jemen is immens.  Hulporganisaties kunnen niet of nauwelijks ter plaatse komen in de rampgebieden.  Het Rode Kruis doet een oproep via de website om steun te krijgen door een petitie te ondertekenen.
Vanuit Nederland heeft rabbijn Awraham Soetendorp een oproep gedaan aan interreligieuze organisaties die tijdens de conferentie van de Parliament of the World’s Religions van 1 – 7 november jl. in Toronto bijeen waren, om de VS op te roepen zich verantwoordelijk te voelen voor een oplossing.

Vertegenwoordigers van  Charter for Compassion, United Religions Initiative en Parliament of the World’s Religions hebben naar aanleiding van deze oproep onderstaande verklaring opgesteld en verspreid.

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Statement on the Urgent Need for Greater U.S. Response to the Crisis in Yemen

The 2018 Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada resolves the following:

Whereas, 14 million people, half of Yemen’s population face famine. It is estimated that 50,000 children have died in 2017, an average of 130 every day.

More than three million Yemenis have left their homes and have become internal refugees. Another 280,000 have sought political asylum in other countries, including Djibouti and Somalia. According to the International interfaith organizations, specifically the Charter for Compassion  team in Yemen, and United Religions Initiative (URI) Yemen programs, it is difficult to shelter internal refugees, find food and assist in keeping hospitals, clinics and mental hospitals operating.

We the undersigned appeal to the US government whose military aid and soldiers are aiding Yemen forces backed by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and the Iranian government who is aiding rebels to mutually agree to cease fire and provide a passage to international organizations to provide humanitarian aid to the civilians.

We must add to the UN humanitarian chief’s statement to the Security Council that “there is a clear and present danger of an imminent and great big famine engulfing Yemen.” In addition, a generation of children has been denied education and the full population access to all forms of healthcare.

We call upon the UN Security Council to immediately call for a cease-fire and the access to humanitarian aid.

We implore both sides to  commence a process of cease-fire and negotiation for the permanent resolution of Violence and the Conflict.

And, we implore all parties immediately take the following steps::

  • Stop attacks on aid workers so they can work effectively.
  • Allow humanitarian goods, especially food, medical supplies and basic needs such as clothing and blankets, to enter the country without restrictions.
  • Allow schools to reopen so children continue their studies.
  • Stop all arms deliveries.
  • Pursue a political solution to the conflict.
  • Stop attacks on hospitals and civilians.


Rob Sellers, Chair of the Board        Parliament of World Religions

Dr. Charles Barker, Chair, Board of Trustees    Charter for Compassion

Kiran Bali, Global Council Chairperson    United Religions Initiative