The city of Baghdad launched a compassionate initiative

Uit het January Report van het Internationale Charter for Compassion

The city of Baghdad launched a compassionate initiative. The campaign is being organized by Iraqi poet, Amal Al- Jubouri, who lives in exile in the UK.  She and her team are working with Iraqis and together they launched the campaign in Baghdad and in surrounding communities. Here is an portion of an e-mail she send two days ago:

Few days ago I returned from Iraq, a journey that boost my energy, full of emotion and a wish to live and die there.

I spent several days with Iraqi displaced visiting several shelters in Kurdistan helping with medicine and art workshop for children. Then I moved to Baghdad meeting several NGOs where artists, human rights defenders and activists who want the change. I talked about the compassion as  a crucial principle Iraqis need to revive in this critical moment of their history, the respond was great which encouraged me to design and produced sample of T-shirt where  the word compassion in both languages Arabic and English.

What’s interesting in my trip was when I visited a district which belongs to Salah Aldin, a city called Doloeayya that is recently liberated from ISIS, and where Jubouri tribe are the main fighters. The city was under siege by ISIS for 7 months….

I talked with sheikhs, religious leaders, mothers who lost their sons and young girls and men, about the Charter and how to transform every disputed issues between Iraqis to be healed with compassion.  I added in the Facebook page with the clip of Karin Armstrong with Arabic title in order Iraqis would be familiar with the story of the Charter and the Compassion.

You can see in this link which I just started few hours ago a Facebook page: compassion -Iraq تراحموا