Nieuw: Compassion Education Institute

Interessant nieuws: Start van het Compassion Education Institute.  Vanwege de actualiteit de engelse tekst van de laatste nieuwsbrief van Charter for Compassion. Hopelijk is het geen overwegend bezwaar is om de engelse tekst te lezen.  (red. Handvest voor Compassie NL)


The Charter for Compassion Education Institute Opens for Registration on October 19

We want to live in a world . . .

* where compassionate action is first to arrive when anyone is suffering or in pain—in hamlets, villages, towns, suburbs, cities, and countries throughout the world
* where people of varied beliefs, lifestyles, languages, and cultures will truly listen, empathize, and reach out their hands to help one another in the spirit of compassion
* where all people work to resolve our differences without violence, where we protect the innocent and learn how to forgive the guilty, and where compassion is our energy source for creating a peaceful world
* in which all people have compassion for the Earth and all life that exists on our beautiful planet
We are saddened when we hear about . . .

* malnourished and starving people anywhere in the world
* diseases that decimate families and communities when vaccines and medicines exist that could help
* violence and injustice in any form—whether it is directed against people of a different race, ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other “reason” that allows a person to claim power over another
mistreatment of the frail, the elderly, the mentally ill, the incarcerated, the homeless, the immigrant, the poor, women and children—or any other vulnerable group
* abuse and neglect of children, sex trafficking or enslavement of any human being, and poverty wages for hard work
* families who must flee their homes because of terror, war, natural or manmade disasters, or other violence
* the destruction or neglect of the beauty of the natural world and its resources
We know that many people across the world share both our sadness about the way things are and our vision for a better world. So we have created a Compassion Education Institute . . .

* to educate and prepare those who understand the power of compassion to transform the inequities and the injustices of human civilization for their work to spread compassion and compassionate action throughout the world
* to provide tools and strategies for organizing compassionate communities in which all people are treated with respect and compassion
* to increase self-compassion, compassion for others, and compassionate action in any sphere of human activity (education, business, environment, faith/interfaith/spirituality, social services, restorative justice, the arts, healthcare, peace/non-violence, science and research)
We’ve designed a program of courses to help you:

* define and determine how the concept of compassion can make a difference in their personal lives, in their workplace, in their communities, and beyond
* gain and practice skills and competencies of self-awareness, self-compassion, and emotional intelligence that are the basis for the initial and continued development of compassion for others
* acquire skills and competencies that demonstrate compassion as an action that can be constantly present in our lives to bring about positive change for the betterment of the world
* explore the attributes (i.e., altruism, caring, empathy, encouragement, happiness, gratitude, kindness, listening abilities, mindfulness, resiliency, and responsibility) of compassion as skills that are essential in the continued practice of compassionate action
* learn techniques and processes to facilitate further discussions and dialogue with others about compassion and compassionate action
* explore and develop a structural foundation that can lead to next steps in a compassionate journey—designing a compassionate community or city initiative, linking a local community with an international community in order to promote dialogue and compassionate action in schools, businesses, and congregations.

The Charter for Compassion Education Institute is Open for Registration with our first course

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World

Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World provides you with the most recent concepts about EI as well as many practical ideas for enhancing your Emotional Intelligence skills–through videos, photos, and exercises–and for applying those skills to building a more compassionate world.

Current Offering and many more to come monthly, starting in December and throughout 2016

Introduction to the Charter for Compassion International (Coming in January) Learn more.

This foundation program brings together people who may be interested in the concept of the Charter for Compassion International (CCI), its mission and vision and subsequent work. Join us for a holistic overview of the international global movement that brings the Charter for Compassion to life. Below are a few of the courses that are being designed for the Institute. Our instructors are international, and courses are being developed in English, Dutch and Spanish.

* Self-Compassion Online: Using the Science of Self-Compassion to Cultivate Resilience and Well-Being
* Compassion @ Work
* Local Gatherings to Connect Compassionate Cities and Communities
* Become an Ambassador for Compassion (Spanish)
* Past Reality Integration (PRI): The Art of Living and Teaching from our Hearts in Love and Compassion (Dutch)
* A Natural History of Compassion: Growing Tenderness for Self and Other via Writing ad Ecology
* Becoming an Agent of Kindness in the Workplace
* Cultivating Compassion in Healthcare
Visit our Education Institute page to learn more about the Institute and link to each course to learn more about it and the instructors.

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The MIND Conference is one of the first European conferences on compassion specifically aimed at young people

28 November 2015–Utrecht, the Netherlands

It is an initiative by group of students from Utrecht and Amsterdam and responds to the growing need for empathy, authenticity and collaboration in our fast-paced society. Many young people have the strong wish to make the world a better place and contribute towards the happiness of others. The conference will help them to connect with their compassionate motivation and to find the inspiration to make it a driving force in their career.

The conference is part of a bigger movement in contemporary society: the rise of social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, solidarity and the Charter for Compassion. Compassion is not longer a luxury but a necessity in order to be able to deal with current social and environmental issues.ProgrammeUnique to this conference are the many perspectives from which compassion is discussed, such as neuroscience, healthcare, business and education.

The program consists of talks and workshops. Speakers include Marilyn Turkovich from the Charter for Compassion, Dylan Vianen and Sietse de Kok (De Bildung Academie), Zoi Kantanoutou from Power of Youth and many others. The MIND Conference takes place in the AcademieGebouw, Domplein 29 Utrecht, Netherlands and will be held in English.

Ticketsale: Early-bird student: 18.00, adult: 45.00; Regular student: 24.00, adult: 50.00; Registration opens at 9.15 and the day ends at 17.00. For more information and tickets: and contact Yara Vrolijks for questions or other inquiries at you have a few hours a week to give to the Charter? We need volunteers to help with responding to inquiries, assisting with social media, following through with getting community initiatives all around the world. Please let us know if you have the interest and the time: We also need your help financially. All of the services that the Charter offers are free. There is no advertising on our website. No financial obligation for our cities and partners to become compassionate initiatives. In fact, we are working to find ways for compassionate initiatives who don’t have means to start a website to get one. Currently, we rely on you, our members, and potential members to help us. If you are pleased with the work of the Charter, have forwarded our newsletters, reposted our FaceBook pages or invited your friends to affirm the Charter then please consider giving a recurring donation to support our work. We appreciate your help.