Help Charter for Compassion haar werk mogelijk te maken

Onderstaande brief van de directeur van de Charter for Compassion, Marilyn Turkovich, kwam binnen via de Nieuwsbrief.  Graag brengen wij deze oproep onder uw aandacht.  Kijk op voor meer informatie.

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From the Director

No one has ever become poor by giving.―Anne Frank
It is amazing that so many young women have been and are paving the way to a better world. Anne Frank didn’t know the inspiration she would offer to the world by writing her diary. Malala has challenged the world to guarantee that all young girls receive an education. And Greta is insisting that we “panic” so that we will respond adequately to the climate crisis. These young women knew/know that it is essential to adopt compassion as second nature to our being in order to change the world.

The Charter for Compassion is one of hundreds of organizations that is committed to transforming the world. We are doing our part by means of supporting radical education in our world – getting to the roots of change. Join us in any way you might to promote kindness, social justice, peace, and equity in our communities. Your contribution of time is most welcome and, when possible, your donation is very much needed as we embark on a healing journey in the next year.   Please help us work to that end.